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Jamaican Food

Jamaican cuisine incorporates many different cooking techniques and flavors from a variety of influences. It includes a mixture of dishes that were introduced to the island through the arrival of individuals from different cultures, including Spanish, Irish, British, African, Indian, and Chinese. Jamaican food is a true melting pot of cultural cuisines.

At Le Bon Grill African Restaurant, we serve you the finest Jamaican food at affordable prices. Our chefs focus on preparing tasty dishes while keeping your health in mind. We use only the freshest ingredients to create quality meals. We know you won't be disappointed if you try our atheke with chicken, fish, or plantain.

Le Bon Grill African Restaurant is a place that is more than just a grill restaurant. We seek to share our culture with you through our delicious food and friendly service. We hope you will pay us a visit in Woodbridge, VA for the best African food today!